Edelwies Blume


Edelwies Blume
Nature and leisure park

Edelwies Nature and Amusement Park combines the exciting and imaginative world of an amusement park integrated harmoniously into the natural landscape with a secluded nature park. Located in an idyllic forest in the foothills of the Danube Hills, visitors can expect an incredible experience for all ages in over an area of around 138 hectares, with the amusement park itself covering more than 25 hectares.


Exciting, accessible attractions such as Hell Coaster, Maypole Flyer, Trampoline Park, Tractor Trail, Moose Trail, Pirate Ship, Lighthouse Slide and many more are ready and waiting for you to enjoy an unforgettable day out. Even more spectacular attractions will be available from spring 2021. Enjoy the unspoilt charm of the nature park with its hillside, natural ponds, rock formations and the Dießenbach river flowing through its own gorge. Around 90 hectares of forest are waiting for you to explore.


The park's main theme is the forest, something which has always been extremely important in our culture, especially in myths, legends and fairy tales. So it will come as no surprise to you that the theme of the forest, its animals and plants also feature in so many of our amusement park attractions.


There are also plenty of options to satisfy your need for food and drink, you can treat yourself in the restaurant with its large open spaces and terraces offering a large selection of delicious regional food and drinks.


Edelwies Nature and Amusement Park offers visitors a wide range of attractions to experience a fantastic day out that both young and old visitors will remember for a long time.

Nature attractions

Nestling in more than 138 hectares of beautiful countryside in the Bavarian Forest, Edelwies Nature and Amusement Park offers an ideal setting to explore nature and set your soul free.


There is a varied and exciting range of food and drink options to choose from. The restaurants also offer an ideal setting for family or corporate events.

Der Edelwies Natur- und Freizeitpark
Edelwies Restaurant Pavillion mit Bühne (klein) Pavillion Biergarten Outdoor water kiosk * Alm** Forest Dießenbach Gorge Dießenbach River Large Reservoir Dießenbach (renatured) Dießenbach (renaturiert) Smaller ponds Rock formation Wanderwege Wanderwege Small Reservoir American Oaks 150-year-old Douglas Fir Interkativer Lernpfad* Maypole Flyer Tractor Trail Coin Diggers Animals on springs Milking Cows Moose Trail Chain Carousel* Adventure Playground Multi-Tramp court I Hell Coaster Petting Zoo Petting Zoo Water Play Area Rabbit Enclosure Multi-Tramp court II Bungee Trampoline 4Tramp Classic V-Fly Trampoline Lighthouse Slide Pirate Ship Chess table with 2 seats Interaktive Bootsfahrt* Pavillon mit Bühne (groß)* Alpaka- und Pampahasengehege* Bennet Kängurus* Dual Wheel Super Swing * Amphitheatre Erlebnisbahn Talstation** Erlebnisbahn Bergstation** Falknerei** Zipline** Freefall-Tunnelrutsche** Hang-Tunnelrutsche Hang-Spuren-Tunnelrutsche Wildwasserbahn** Wildwasserbahn** Hangebrücke**

The park opened in 2015 based on the development plan called “Bayerwald Family Park” taking in 25 hectares of the total land area of 138 hectares (including more than 90 hectares of forest) in the municipality of Neukirchen bei Bogen in the foothills of the Bavarian Forest. 

The natural, sustainable usage plan is situated at the foot of the existing hill, its own forest, the natural reservoir and the Dießenbach flowing through the landscape, partially through its own gorge. All further expansion will take great care to focus on families of all ages, accessibility and the forest and water experience. 

The park's main theme is the forest, something which has always been extremely important in our culture, especially in myths, legends and fairy tales. Today, the forest stands as a symbol for preserving natural resources and the foundation of life. The aim is to make it accessible to visitors in a variety of ways as one of the defining elements of the park. This combination of the creative fun of an amusement park and natural attractions integrated harmoniously into the environment provides unique and unforgettable experiences and impressions to take you out of your everyday life. 

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