Edelwies Blume

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Edelwies Blume


The Edelwies Nature and Amusement Park has more than 90 hectares of forest in the municipality of Neukirchen bei Bogen in the foothills of the Bavarian Forest.

Dießenbach Gorge

Dießenbach Gorge is home to countless animals and plants and is covered in lush vegetation.

Dießenbach River

The Dießenbach river is the left tributary of the Elisabethszeller Stream and rises slightly to the north of Edelwies.

Large Reservoir

Our natural and beautifully established large reservoir measuring more than 3,600 m², which is fed by fresh water from the Dießenbach river, is a real natural oasis which our water world brings to life.

Dießenbach (renatured)

The riverbed running south below the large reservoir has just been extensively renatured and as a result is visible again after almost 100 years.

Smaller ponds

There are several beautiful ponds that are home to a wide variety of animals and plants. At dusk, the ponds have subtle lighting that creates the perfect atmosphere to take a stroll.

Rock formation

All around the circular path from the hillside pasture to the water world there are unusual, impressive rock formations to amaze you and which look like fairytale or ghost sets, depending on the time of day and lighting.

Small Reservoir

Near the edge of the property at the end of the Dießenbach Gorge, visitors will discover a charming little established reservoir offering a variety of animals and plants and really enhancing any hike through our Dießenbach Gorge.

American Oaks

Standing in a group to the left of the large reservoir there are six American Oaks, forming an imposing and majestic sight with a height of more than 25 metres.

150-year-old Douglas Fir

Douglas firs are evergreen trees. In Europe they reach heights of around 60 metres.
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