Edelwies Blume

Park rules

Edelwies Blume

Edelwies Nature and Amusement Park (subsequently referred to as “park”) is on private land. The following rules are in place to ensure that all visitors can enjoy their day without anything to worry about. The rules are based on the principles of courtesy, safety, and respect for others and the environment. All visitors are obliged to be considerate and behave appropriately. The park rules are available at the payment desk and on the website. Every visitor entering the park agrees to follow the park rules.

The management is authorised to refuse entry to any visitor who poses a risk to the safety and health of others (for being drunk, for example). Anyone found to be violating these park rules will be asked to leave the park without any refund of the entrance fee.

Parents and accompanying persons must exercise their duties of supervision and are responsible for all damage caused by those under supervision.

Swimming in the artificial and natural lakes or walking on frozen water is prohibited.


Our parking areas are subject to the rules and signs in the Road Traffic Regulations (StVO). The speed limit is 15 km/h. Pedestrians always have priority. Vehicles may only be parked within the designated visitor parking areas and only for the duration of the visit during the park opening times.

Parking is free for visitors. Vehicles are not monitored or safeguarded. It is not permitted to leave vehicles of any kind in the parking area overnight. Camping, barbecues and/or picnics are not permitted in the park grounds or in the parking areas.

All vehicle must be properly locked. The park is not liable for theft, damage or accidents from or with the vehicles parked in the parking area.

Proper clothing and footwear

Depending on what you intend to do during your visit please choose your clothes and footwear accordingly. If you want to explore our nature park, sturdy shoes are recommended as the forest paths are sometimes challenging due to the slopes.

Rules for using the rides

Our rides are constantly maintained and checked by TÜV. Some attractions have a minimum age and a minimum height for their use, sometimes there is also a maximum height. Please follow the instructions on the rides. You must always follow instructions given by the operating personnel. If individual attractions are not running for technical or organisational reasons, there will be no entitlement to a reduction or reimbursement of the admission price. This also applies if the operation of individual or all attractions has to be stopped to protect visitors due to weather conditions.

If any rides are cordoned off, this must always be strictly observed, otherwise there may be a risk of physical injury or death. Children must never sit on, climb over, or be lifted over barriers. Please always exercise the necessary care.

Anyone who has been drinking alcohol or taking drugs is not permitted to use our rides. The use of some rides and facilities requires good physical fitness and is carried out at your own risk. The safety equipment must be used and the safety regulations must be observed. 

People with heart, back and similar health conditions are not allowed to use all rides. The same applies to people who have a physical disability. The use of the Hell Coaster and the Super Swing is not permitted if you are pregnant. 

The use of play equipment on playgrounds is not permitted for adults. Specific age restrictions are binding and must be observed. 

List of prohibited items

Carrying weapons or dangerous objects (e.g. pistols, knives, knuckle dusters etc.) and any kind of discriminatory, violent or anti-constitutional object etc. is not permitted on the park grounds. You are not allowed to take sticks, pointed, bulky or loose objects on the attractions.

In addition, you are not permitted to bring and operate drones or other remote-controlled toys or devices into the park.


Please understand that in the interest of all park visitors animals may not be brought into the park.

This does not apply to guide dogs or assistance dogs with appropriate documentation. 

Entry and exit

Entry to the Edelwies Nature and Amusement Park is only permitted with a valid ticket through the marked entrance above the parking area. Children under the age of 10 are only permitted to enter if they are accompanied by a responsible adult to supervise them. After buying a ticket, you will receive a wristband authorising you to access and use the facilities, and which must be worn throughout your stay and not passed on to anyone else.

The admission prices are inclusive of unlimited use of all operational attractions. Individual offers are subject to a separate charge. 

The management reserves the right at any time to change the opening period and opening times of the park and, if necessary, to restrict access to the park to certain groups. Visitors are advised to consult the website before visiting the park. If the park’s capacity is exceeded, the park is entitled to deny any additional visitors access to the park.

At least one accompanying person is required for every 10 children. 

All visitors must leave the park at closing time at the latest, if they do not leave they are liable to prosecution.

At the request of park staff, visitors agree to show the contents of bags, backpacks and other containers that they want to bring with them into the park area. If necessary, checks will also be carried out on individuals. We ask for your understanding and assistance to ensure this can be carried out smoothly. The checks are in place to ensure your safety and the safety of everyone else.


Smoking is forbidden in the restaurants, around the attractions, in all waiting areas and where there are crowds of people.


Visitors must ensure that they wear appropriate clothing. You must wear outer clothing, shoes and at least shorts.

Wearing masks - other than face masks as a protective measure against Covid-19 - or completely covering the face - except for religious reasons - is prohibited.

Advertising and offering goods and services

Advertising and offering goods and services, including making announcements, carrying out opinion polls, etc. is only permitted on our premises with the prior written approval of the management. Putting up posters and distributing brochures is not permitted.

Filming and taking photographs, video surveillance

Filming and taking photographs without commercial intent is permitted, except when operating fast-moving attractions, provided it does not restrict or disturb other visitors. Professional photography and film recordings are only permitted with the prior written consent of the management.

On all fast-moving rides, filming using smartphones or other cameras is not permitted. You may only use an action cam (e.g. GoPro) if it is attached to a suitable chest strap on your body and, most importantly, properly secured. You must always follow instructions given by the park personnel. 

Some parts of the Edelwies Nature and Amusement Park are video-monitored to protect visitors.

Limitation of liability

Edelwies Nature and Amusement Park is liable for any damage caused by culpable violation of an essential contractual obligation by Edelwies Nature and Amusement Park or its employees or due to gross negligence or intentional acts.

In the event of a breach of an essential contractual due to simple negligence, liability is limited to the foreseeable damage that is typical for this type of contract. Liability for death, physical injury or damage to health and liability under product liability laws, liability for fraudulently concealed errors and liability for the assumption of a guarantee of an item’s quality remain unaffected.

Edelwies Nature and Amusement Park is not liable for items that are left or deposited in the park area. No liability is accepted for items (for example mobile phones, jewellery, cameras, clothing, etc.) that is damaged, destroyed or lost while using the rides, attractions or facilities.

Reporting damage

All park facilities are carefully maintained and monitored. However, if you nevertheless suffer damage through no fault of your own, you should report the damage at the information desk before leaving the parking area.

Also report any situation that causes you to believe that an incident could result in damage occurring later.

Owner’s rights

Edelwies Nature and Amusement Park is entitled to remove any persons who violate the park rules at their own discretion without compensation.


Every park visitor is obliged to respect the environment during their visit to the park: Waste must be disposed of in the designated and clearly marked containers. Visitors must keep to the marked paths. Barriers, plants, flowers and lawns should be respected.