Edelwies Blume

Hygiene and protection plan

Edelwies Blume

Hygiene and protection plan for Edelwies Nature and Amusement Park
“Measures to protect employees and visitors from infection in times of Covid-19”
1. Introduction
The months since the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak have not been easy, so it is even more important be responsible now that the restrictions have been lifted. Attractions such as Edelwies Nature and Amusement Park want to play a part in allowing visitors, especially children, to rediscover some of the carefree enjoyment that we used to take for granted. Children have been particularly affected by isolation and closures of schools and nurseries, and now they just need to catch up on the fun and games they missed out on. Lots of families will also spend their summer holidays at home this year, and they are looking forward to something a bit different. In order to make this possible, we have developed a hygiene and protection plan which starts the moment you enter the park.
2. Safety
Safety is our top priority, so in this time of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have put extensive measures in place to protect employees and visitors from infection and they must be complied with at all times. Our employees are given regular training in our hygiene and protection plan and take the issue very seriously. 
3. Everything outdoors
Everything at the Edelwies Nature and Amusement Park is outdoors.
Even in Covid-19 times, the size of approximately 138 hectares, which includes 25 hectares of the amusement park, offers a uniquely carefree visit.
4. Park opening
This year, the park opening will be on Friday 17th July.
We are using the time until then to make progress on the major expansion work we started in the spring and to wait and learn from the experience of the hygiene and protection plans in other amusement parks which opened at the end of May. 
5. Getting here
Our parking area is extremely spacious, at a size of 1.9 hectares and with space for more than 650 cars and 10 buses.
6. Entry
It is easy to purchase day tickets from our online shop before you arrive.
There are also three payment desks available to visitors once you are here. It is easy to keep to the distancing rules as you will see the markings on the floor. Our employees will welcome you warmly behind plexiglass barriers. Accessing the payment desks is set out as a one-way system.
Visitors with day tickets are given a new wristband with a chip which is carefully disinfected after each use.
All visitors must register with their name and contact details whether they buy their tickets online or when they arrive - this is in accordance with official requirements and allows them to be traced if necessary. This approach is now familiar to everyone from restaurants and other places.
7. Nature park
Our nature park alone has more than 90 hectares of forest, its own gorge, stream, reservoirs, ponds, etc., you can spend hours walking, hiking, “forest bathing” and simply fully experiencing the natural, hilly landscape. It is almost impossible to find anywhere with more space for a carefree family outing.
8. Amusement park
The amusement park attractions are all outdoors and are well spaced out, which makes it easy to observe the hygiene and safety measures. The attractions are also regularly disinfected by our employees, especially the handrails.
The following rules apply:

  • There must be a distance of at least 1.5 metres between groups of people when queuing for rides, as indicated by the distance marking.
  • Before getting on the ride you must use the hand sanitiser provided.
  • Please be considerate to others at all times.

9. Restaurants 
Delicious, freshly made meals are available to give you the energy to keep going, but it is in everyone's interest to follow the rules here too.

  • The restaurant is only accessible through the main entrance in the centre. The side doors on the right and left of the main entrance are used to leave the restaurant, ensuring that visitors do not get in each other's way (one-way traffic).
  • There are also distance markings in the restaurant.
  • Dispensers with hand sanitiser are provided at the entrance to the restaurant.
  • When you are in the restaurant, which is very spacious, you must maintain a distance of at least 1.5 metres and you must also wear face covering over your mouth and nose. You can remove your face covering when you are at your table.
  • There are plexiglass partitions with hatches at the cash desks and the food counters.
  • Until further notice there is no self-service, for example for cakes, sandwiches, etc., you must order everything at the food counter. The same applies to coffee and hot chocolate machines which will be operated for you at the moment.
  • The two open rooms are spacious enough for proper distancing of at least 1.5 metres between the tables.
  • Whenever possible, the restaurant doors are kept open and the surrounding windows are also opened regularly to ensure the best possible ventilation in the restaurant.
  • There is a large number of tables outside, which are also much further apart than the minimum distance. Across the park there are also plenty of benches and seating areas if you want to stay on your own. 
  • All tables in the restaurant area are disinfected before every new group of diners.
  • All handles and objects that diners have contact with are disinfected at regular intervals. 
  • The food and drinks available are displayed clearly legible in suitable places. There are no menus provided.
  • Plates, cutlery and glasses are washed at a temperature of more than 70 degrees Centigrade.

10. Sanitary facilities

  • You are only permitted to enter the sanitary facilities with a face covering over your mouth and nose.
  • The sanitary facilities are continuously cleaned and disinfected.
  • There are dispensers with hand sanitiser and disposable paper towels available for drying your hands as the air dryers are currently switched off.