Edelwies Blume

Hell Coaster

Edelwies Blume

One of the main attractions is the “Hell Coaster” ride, which is located on the eastern slope of the Urberberg. At 1,400 metres, it is the longest and most modern Alpine Coaster in the Bavarian Forest. The name “Hell Coaster” comes from the local name for this part of the country on maps, which translates as “Limbo”, the area before you reach hell. But don't worry, “Heaven” is just a few hundred metres away as the crow flies.


From the valley station, visitors are pulled about 350 metres uphill, and from the top they start to descend rapidly on a winding route through the forest. The sledges descend almost silently on stainless steel tubes. Turns, jumps and waves add to the thrill, but you can put on the brakes any time you want. The coaster reaches a top speed of 43 km/h, then this ultra-modern ride brakes independently. Because it runs on tracks, the Hell Coaster can run all year, even in bad weather.


To give an extra dimension, the entire route is surrounded by wonderful glass art from the Bavarian Forest.


It is an impressive experience for all the senses to race through our fairy tale-like illuminated forest in the darkness on the Hell Coaster and let yourself be enchanted by all the different impressions, forest noises and extraordinary light installations.