Edelwies Blume


Edelwies Blume

Hell Coaster

One of the main attractions is the “Hell Coaster” ride, which is located on the eastern slope of the Urberberg. At 1,400 metres, it is the longest and most modern Alpine Coaster in the Bavarian Forest.

Super Swing

The Super Swing is another main attraction. This is a new, innovative ride for the whole family.

Maypole Flyer

This eye-catching ride is one of the main attractions in the park, it is a tower/swing ride based on a traditional Bavarian maypole.

Moose Trail

The Moose Trail is a comfortable ride for young and older visitors over a route of about 175 metres.

Tractor Trail

Seated high on a real vintage tractor, the Tractor Trail provides fun for all amateur tractor drivers. Surrounded by the sounds of a vintage engine, riders will feel just like a farmer ploughing the fields with a powerful machine.

Dual Wheel

The Dual Wheel, decorated to blend into the forest, is the first big wheel to have parallel cars rotating in opposite directions during the ride.

Multi-tramp courts I + II

The two multi-tramp courts I + II, each with 10 separate bouncing areas separated by safety nets, are suitable for all age groups and offer a fun and safe bouncing experience, whatever your mood.

Bungee Trampoline 4Tramp Classic

Our Bungee Trampoline 4Tramp Classic offers four supervised jumping areas providing an extraordinary jumping experience.

V-Fly Trampoline

The V-Fly trampoline is an equally high-quality bungee trampoline with just a single jumping spot.

Lighthouse Slide

The lighthouse, made by hand from local robinia wood, stands a proud ten metres high and is visible from far away.

Pirate Ship

Children can experience wonderful adventures on the new, ten-metre-long ship hand-crafted from local robinia wood, modelled on a rustic pirate ship.

Rope Ferries

In the large established pond, two rope ferries made of robinia wood of more than 35 metres in length are being built close to the interactive boat trip.
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Stilt House Village

The Stilt House Village is wonderful for hide-and-seek, climbing and role-playing games and can be used by several children at the same time.
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There is also a lot to discover for our younger amusement park visitors. Who hasn't always wanted to operate a “real” digger?

Water Play Area

Our Water Play Area is one of the largest in the Bavarian Forest. There are so many different modules to explore, and if the weather is hot you can cool down safely in the mud-free Water Play Area.

Milking cows

There is also a lot to discover for our younger amusement park visitors.

Adventure Playground

For bigger visitors there is a small cable car, a tower slide, a climbing course, a climbing mushroom, an obstacle course and much more.

Children's attractions

Animals on Springs, Snail Train, Climbing Mushrooms and Mushroom House

Chain Carousel

This is a traditional chain carousel with capacity for up to 20 children to fly around a giant toadstool.

Climbing Mushrooms

With their original design, the two climbing mushrooms with their pretty toadstool roofs are a real eye-catcher.
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Mushroom House

There are several mushroom houses with original roofs and fine leaf designs, especially for smaller children.