Edelwies Blume


Edelwies Blume

Hell Coaster

One of the main attractions is the “Hell Coaster” ride, which is located on the eastern slope of the Urberberg. At 1,400 metres, it is the longest and most modern Alpine Coaster in the Bavarian Forest.

Maypole Flyer

This eye-catching ride is one of the main attractions in the park, it is a tower/swing ride based on a traditional Bavarian maypole.

Moose Trail

The Moose Trail is a comfortable ride for young and older visitors over a route of about 175 metres.

Tractor Trail

Seated high on a real vintage tractor, the Tractor Trail provides fun for all amateur tractor drivers.

Dual Wheel *

*Expected to be in operation within the next weeks
The Dual Wheel, decorated to blend into the forest, is the first big wheel to have parallel cars rotating in opposite directions during the ride.

Multi-tramp courts I + II

The two multi-tramp courts I + II, each with 10 separate bouncing areas separated by safety nets, are suitable for all age groups and offer a fun and safe bouncing experience, whatever your mood.

Bungee Trampoline 4Tramp Classic

Our Bungee Trampoline 4Tramp Classic offers four supervised jumping areas providing an extraordinary jumping experience.

V-Fly Trampoline

The V-Fly Trampoline is an equally high-quality bungee trampoline with only one jumping area, also suitable for training semi-professional users.

Lighthouse Slide

The lighthouse, made by hand from local robinia wood, stands a proud ten metres high and is visible from far away.

Pirate Ship

Children can experience wonderful adventures on the new, ten-metre-long ship hand-crafted from local robinia wood, modelled on a rustic pirate ship.


Opposite the main entrance of the Edelwies Restaurant, a spectacular amphitheatre made of yellow and grey Lower Bavarian granite has just been built, providing about 500 additional seats.


Auch für die kleinen Gäste des Freizeitparks gibt es viel zu entdecken. Wer wollte nicht schon immer einmal einen „richtigen“ Bagger bedienen.

Water Play Area

Our Water Play Area is one of the largest in the Bavarian Forest.


Auch für die kleinen Gäste des Freizeitparks gibt es viel zu entdecken.

Adventure Playground

For younger visitors there is a small cable car, another tower slide, a climbing course, a climbing mushroom, an obstacle course and much more.

Children's attractions

Animals on Springs, Snail Train, Climbing Mushrooms and Mushroom House

Petting Zoo

A large number of goats and chickens have lived with us for years, and they get along well with each other, giving pleasure to young and old alike.

Rabbit Enclosure

Right behind the entrance, slightly hidden in the shade of the huts, there are cute and playful rabbits giving visitors a warm welcome right from the start.

Chain Carousel

This is a traditional chain carousel that has been newly constructed for the park by a traditional German carousel maker, with capacity for up to 20 children to fly around a giant toadstool.

Mushroom House

There are several mushroom houses with original roofs and fine leaf designs, especially for smaller children.